born on the 21st of june, and i always hated that my sign wold be different depending upon the astrologer.  now, it's not terribly important to me, but i do believe when one is born has influence over their personality.  i love that i was born on the cusp of magic, and find that a terribly appropriate name for it.  we are all very unique.  i decided i am more cancer-like, but there are some obvious differences.  i don't know that they are gemini quality, but definitely magical.  i guarantee anyone born on this cusp is unique, breaks every mold, and can be compatible with many different people, even tho' astology may say it'll never work.  be pleased if you were born on the cusp of magic; we are interesting people

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Have to say this birthday rocks

June 21st here as well, I was the same way for a while about my sign changing but however one thing interesting I have noticed is that I was more like a Gemini during childhood and more Cancer like now as an adult.