I Was A Preemie.

I was born at 26 weeks exactly. My mother had severe preclamsia(sp) and everything quit but her heart.  I weighed 1 pound 4.oz and lost below a pound. In 88 I was the smallest survivor at UK.  I was in the hospital til I was full term. and was only on oxygen for a few hours.  I was a fighter.  I have a picture with my dad's hand beside me and it was way bigger than I was. They had to sew IVS in my legs to give me blood. They left two scars and im proud of them. I am now almost 24 years old.  Since my premature birth, I've had alot of anxiety, depression and emotional issues and receive benefits.  Im just thankful to be alive.  I'm 4'11. Don't know why Im that short my parents are both of average height. 
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I'm 15 and i am a Premature teen and i was born 3 months early (:
Anxiety,depression,Bipolar disorder or Emotional issues are very common in Girls who were born Premature.

I am a mother of a 16 year old daughter born 3 months prem. She suffered similar things to you. I tried to sign up to message you but was blocked.