I Am Uniquely Different Individual

My name is Chai. One ordinary day I went to a local Starbucks and ordered a Chai Tea. And the barista asked for my name. I said "Chai". She had a harsh about me. In other words, she didn't know what I wanted. I slowly repeated my order and told her that my name is Chai. This is a typical normal routine for me. This was not the first time because I was born with a soft cleft palate. Throughout my last 44 years I was either being teased, ridicule or laugh at because I was born with a speech problem. Perseverance is my cup-of-tea word I live by. I escaped the communism in search of my dreams--1) to get surgery 2) get education and 3) have a piece of mind. I have been through so much that my life is shattered. I had overcomed many obstacles, such as from earnings a bachelor's degree to a doctor's degree and from having speech problem to teaching at two-year college....More to come.
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I was born with a cleft palate too...It was so hard for me to get along with others especially when I was saying something that they don't easily understand. I took up med school and at first it was not that hard for me. My parents and friends gives ME the strength and hope that I will overcome my defect. They were impressed because even though I have a cleft palate, I was smart and becAme an honor student. But now that I was 2nd year, I was already feeling that this would really hinder me in the profession someday..I was planning to have a surgery..But I was in doubt if it will really repair my speech..