Extra Thumb

I was born with an extra thumb on my right hand, my parents had it removed when I was an infant. Now I have a weird skinny thumb that I can't straighten all the way and a nubby thing that sticks out. I am extremely self conscious about it. Although most people are supportive, there are always those who feel the need to make fun of people who are different. One boy calls me cereal finger because it looks like I have a "rice krispi" stuck to the side of my hand. One girl said my parents should've sent me to a science lab so people could perform experiments on me. The worst though was when I was in class and a boy asked me what happened to my hand and I told him and then he got up and yelled "ew Erin was born with an extra thumb that's disgusting" and everyone started laughing and saying eww
Erin6 Erin6
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012