I was born with an additional thumb on my right hand, a sort of "lesser" thumb with bones and all, but not fully functional. My parents decided to have it removed when i was 2 because it was curved and causing my entire hand to function around this curving. So it was removed but i guess the nerves and ligaments and whatnot  were removed with it. When i was 10 i had a second surgery. The remaining thumb was going crooked like the original problem so a bone was taken from my wrist and put into my thumb to keep it growing in the right direction and all of the nerves and ligaments were repaired. Today im 20 and am still right handed. I play the piano and am a painter. my parents have offered to pay for another surgery but i now have a fully grown, crooked, and partially aposable thumb that ive gotten used to. It only bends on one joint, and the other upper joint is sort of turned and bent. As if the top half of a nomal thumb were turned 90 degrees.

It doesnt cause me any problems really unless i want to pinch something. I thought that i was totally unique, glad to hear im not alone in this.

i also give a pretty mean thumbs up.

fcucolo fcucolo
Mar 20, 2009