My Husband Was Born With One Kidney - Baby Died of No Kidneys

My husband found out he had one kidney at 32yrs old.  We have a son that is 8 yrs old now and he has both kidneys.  Our second son died at birth with no kidneys (potter syndrom they call it).  We want to try again but they told us that we have a 13 to 25% chance of it happening again since my husband only has one kidney.   I have had some drs tell me it had nothing to do with it but the genetic councelor told me we had a 13% chance and this other dr that had done studies on babies being born with no kidneys told us we had a 25% chance.  I had my first son checked out and he has both kidneys.  Do any of you have and children and do they have kidney problems?

There is another lady on the Potter group that has had 7 babies and 3 of them were born with no kidneys and 1 with cystic kidney that died.  Her other 3 were fine.  Another lady just had  a baby that died of no kidneys and her father in law was born with just one kidney.  Then again there is another lady where her hubby has one kidney and out of 5 babies, only one was born and died with no kidneys. 

I just need a little hope here to try again.  My husband has been so down on hisself because he feels like it was his fault because he has one kidney.  Its not his fault.  I told him i love him and his one kidney.  Its been really hard on him.

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Dear Sir /Madam,
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Did you concieve naturally? My husband also has one kidney and we nave been trying for another child. Doctor says we may need to resort to ivf.

Im 23yrs old. Yesterday i was told that i only had one kidney and it has an infection, I also have a spot on my liver.<br />
Does anyone know of anything i can to do to help myself get better?

i as born with one kidneys consequently that gave me problems as i was also born with low calcium and Vitamin D i take calcitriol everyday for the rest of my life if i dont take my medicine i would eventually die ....kindad sucks for life such i would love to join the military , play alot of sports , work different jobs ....<br />
<br />
im still learning to accept it and im 22 years old

I know what your husband is going through. My doughter was born with a congenital heart defect and had to have emergancy heart surgery at 3 weeks. I told my wife that I know its my fault.She says it wasnt, but you can see the big scar on my chest from surgery at 14 that says otherwise. Its tough knowing that it was probably my genes that almost killed her. My wife wants to have another baby but I'm scared. I cant go through that again. It was all my fault.<br />
<br />
Great. Now I'm crying again.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you and your husband.

Hi, I have just read the comments posted by Oceanseashells, and whilst I haven't had a child with no kidneys, whilst in hospital with my daughter a few months ago, we got talking to a family who had a child with no kidneys at all. It is called Potters Syndrome. It shouldn't be compatible with life but this child is still alive, albeit quite poorly, but he is nevertheless still alive. I believe he has only been home for 20 days since his birth last July, so whilst it is devastating news to hear a child will be born with no kidneys, the child has proved the medics wrong and got the quick expert care at birth and is still alive. Hope this helps anyone?

Both my brother 56 and I 55 were born with one functioning kidney. He had a non-functioning kidney also that was exploreed and removed when he was quite young due to pain. It took opening him up to find this out (pre scan days). I found out when I was approx 40 something. Both of us has lived health full lives. We have one sister that has both kidneys.

Hello ,<br />
My wife and myself, we are both healthy and we both got both kidneys.<br />
We just found out with a U/S that our 20 weeks baby, got a enlarged kidney, and the doctor said he can't tell now if it is a cystic kidney, or what... we have to wait for the baby to be born.<br />
Is it true?<br />
what are the risks of a baby with an enlarged kidney?<br />
what are the risks of a baby with an cystic kidney?<br />
<br />
Thank you<br />

My daughter is currently carrying identical twin girls. She will be 22 weeks along in a few days. One of the twins has no kidneys but otherwise there are no other abnormal findings in girls. She goes in the hospital at 24 weeks for constant monitoring until she hopefully reaches 32 weeks. Doctors are talking about dialysis and future kidney transplant for baby girl with no kidneys. The sister with both kidneys is helping her sister survive. Is there anyone that knows of a baby surviving birth with no kidneys?

Hello ~ I just found this group and I have done extensive studies regarding MY kidney syndrome due to the fact that I found out also in my early 20's from 'what they believed to be a kidney stone' that I have one right kidney - oversized, of course, to compensate for body fluids and a walnut sized, undeveloped kidney on my left side.<br />
And, also being adopted, I knew nothing of my family history until I started 'digging' after the death of my last daughter in 1983 from 'no kidneys'. <br />
I produced 9 pregnancies. Of the 9, five were born with no kidneys and thus, I have 4 living daughters. Of the 4 living daughters, 1 carries the dominant gene and the other 3 carry the silent gene. <br />
<br />
This condition is called 'Poland's Syndrome', the absence of kidney and adrenal gland. There are two types of this condition:<br />
1. You are born with one kidney/one adrenal which causes uterine defects and breast defects. <br />
2. You are born with one kdiney/one adrenal which causes heart valve defects.<br />
<br />
Since ALL of these organs in utero are forming at the same time very fast, these are the organs that are affected as you are in utero.<br />
<br />
I, myself, obtained the 1st syndrome, whereby, I received:<br />
1 kidney right side<br />
1 adrenal gland right side<br />
1 breast development right side<br />
1 tube & ovary right side<br />
a bicorniat uterus (undeveloped) attached to the left side of my uterus where the tube should have been<br />
1 ovary left side<br />
<br />
My daughter, who received the dominate gene from me and lived, has one kidney, one adrenal gland, right side, both her breast developed properly, but she has an infentile uterus which will never develop.<br />
<br />
My daughters who carry the silent gene of this syndrome, have a 16-32% chance of producing a child with 1 kidney or no kidneys.<br />
<br />
An adult who carries the dominant gene, has a 8-16% chance of producing a child with 1 kidney or no kidneys.<br />
<br />
I now live in TN, but was originally from NE Ohio where I did all my studies at the University of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio. <br />
<br />
They are very knowledgable regarding this syndrome, but as you all know, MOST doctors' say: WHAT SYNDROME!????<br />
<br />
To answer some questions above regarding 'is this syndrome hereditary?????" Yes, it is HIGHLY hereditary, but don't give up ~ I did in 1986 have my last healthy little girl.<br />
<br />
Bless all of you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:<br />
<br />
Jan<br />
If you wish to know more regarding how this 'jumps', or regarding, dominate versus silent, please email me. ;)

Hello, I just typed you this entire email, not realizing I had to sign in here first. I would prefer to send it to you in private however.... If you are willing that is. I think you will be very interested. By reading your story, we could be twins. If you can contact me, I can send to you directly. Sue

hi all, I discovered that I had only one kidney, after a few recurrent kidney infections. I was sent for a ultrasound and the lady was scanning from under my arm down to my knees looking for the right one, only to tell me she couldn't find it but not to panic! I was 30.<br />
My left kidney is healthy and i've never had any problems.I now have 2 healthy children who have both kidneys. I don't know if it is heriditary but both my parents are healty and have never had any problems.

I only found out that I have one kidney when I had me daughter 3 yrs ago. I was 26. I needed a c section as she was breach and when they opened me up they discovered i only had one fallopian tube and one ovary. I was sent for a scan as apparently its common for the same side kidney not to have developed too. My right kidney is bigger to compensate for my missing one. But now after reading the stories above i'm concerned about my daughter's kidneys as no one informed me it could've been hereditary!!

hi, just read your story, id like to tell u mine now, so u have a bit of insight, see if it helps.<br />
in 2003 our 1st child was diagnosed with pottersyndrome, and we terminated the pregnancy at 6 mths as no chance of survival, we was told it was a one off and 3 percent repeating.<br />
we got caught with our second child within a month after, she was diagnosed with renal agenasis, only 1 kidney developed, shes under a consultant for annually scans etc,tis realy scared us and genetic councellors then said its 50 50 with next babiues etc, then sent me n the father for a scan to see if we had normal kidneys, the scan was fine and so was our kidneys, we then risked it and had a baby boy in 2006 who has both kidneys and they was fine.<br />
we was told it was genetic tho, and that my daughter is a carrier of potterssyndrome, and her chances of loosing a child will b high, we not sure about relatives kidney problems such as our mum dads and grandparents, hope this helps and reassures u a lil, deb xx