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i found out i only had one kidney 15 yrs ago after having problems with my periods i bet your now think huh but they gave me a ultra scan to check all the out sides of my tubes and bits and pieces and while they were there they decided to look at my kidneys and i was sat there with my mum when the nurse said hang on i will be right back with a doctor at this time i was scared of what they found but then the doctor came in and they looked again and said you only have one kidney so thats how i found out but i have lived a normal life with that i just just drink plenty and thats about it really until recently i was getting infection after infection and i still didnt think much of it really then i started get serve pain in my back which cause i have a back problem put it down to that then my mum was dianosed with kidney stones so as peeps do she got on the net to find out more info she then rang me saying with the pains i was getting the fact i only had one kidney and on medication for back and she had them i should go to doctors to see if it was stones doctor spoke to hospital explain my situation and i was sent to hospital and hey presto theres a large stone in my one and only kidney they said they couldnt do normal things to get rid of it cause i only had one so they decided to put in a stent and 3 weeks later 3 lots of anti botics im still in lots of pain and discomfort with it i have wee'd nearly every colour of the rainbow i have a oppointment come though the post this morning for another 6 weeks time

not sure if it makes a difference having one or two kidneys living with a stone or a stent but all the info on net i can find is living with just one kidney or about living with kidney stones nothing that contains both so i joined here just to see if any one else was in my situation real and talk too humans who know how it feels or just listen to peeps thats have one or the other of this condition  

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I was also born with only one kidney. How I found out was from sonagrams and an MRI to find out what they first thought was gallstones and turned out to be ovarian cysts which didn't make sense right away why my periods were so off... I was 16 or 17 when I found out. 6/7 years later I have started to notice lower back pain on the one side where I have a kidney... for this and everything else doctors say drink WATER! I haven't been checked out for stones yet, it's all very scary and hard to deal with.

I just recently found out I have just one kidney. Is it pretty common to get kidney stones with just one kidney?

well i have been threw all of that i was born with only one kidney i have always had problems with my periods, and well i have had had 2 lithotripsy's done to remove the kidney stones i have aquired, so i understand its hard when your kidney acts up.