Heredity Sucks

I have Spina Bifida Occulta, which I foud out about in my late twenties, while I was trying to figure out chronic back pain.  Not a huge deal, I'm pretty used to feeling like my back is made of broken glass.  You live with the things you can't change.

My wife is pregnant, and at 17 weeks we got a blood test done.  It came back a possible positive for SB.  Past the guilt and the fear, but I do want to say one thing.  If you have SB, think you might, or have a sibling that does GET THE TEST!  They can do amazing things.  Sometimes they can even fix it before the child is born.  We find out in a few days....
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Hi I also have spina bifida I'm 23 yo and I always wonder if one day I will have a family and Children. I will definitely have all the tests done before I think about having a child.

I unfortunately due to other health issues won't be able to have kids but if I was able to I would certainly get the test done to find if the child I was having had SB of either kind!!!!

The test are wonderful. My 2 year old son was born with a hairy patch which we did not find out was spina bifida occulta until he was 19 months old. We now have a 11 month old daughter and did all the testing. She came back fine and after she was born they did more testing and she does not have it. I wish with our son we would have found out earlier

yes very true! I know I will do the same when I have kids. Im gonna make sure my bf and myself will be very aware of it.