Yesterday I Got An Xray Done and Found I Have Spina Bifida

several problems.few years ago while i was playing i got pulled by two friends and landed on my coccyx.a year or two i feel pain sometimes while sitting.but thats occasional.beside,some years(child hood) ago my leg was paralysed once or twice while moving .Some days before, after lifting weight(heavy) i felt pain  behind my ear.the pain remained few days,i have problems turning my neck,and flickering pain behind ear.and pain in some parts on upper left back.doc said to do x-ray.i did.and i found that my ___king parents gave me spina bifida in S1.what will i do?can i lead a normal life till i am switched off  and can i marry ?,...****.my thoughts are messed up.but doc said that this pin is muscle spasm+general nervous pain only not from that one.god knows what...................any help from u guys?
Tatai Tatai
22-25, M
3 Responses Apr 18, 2007

wow I'm so sorry.. :(. But I'm sure you'll get better along the way :). The human body completely regenerates every 7 years so there's always hope! :)

It is strange to me that some people develop SB when they are adults . I was born with it so I dont know much. But I could tell you this. find as much information you can with your doctors and dont panic. You can lead a normal life . Maybe some things will change but always stay positive. dont let anything bring you down and DONT be mad at your parents.

I have lived a very productive life with spina bifida. I have been married for 13 years to someone who has no health problems. It saddens me that you blame your parents for this. No parent would wish their child to be born sick. My mother lives every day with guilt and in the end, it was not her fault. I am now in my early 30's and losing my ability to walk and am having the usual problems with my bladder, etc... I will not take away the fact that you are probably concerned about your future prospects, but please remember that most born with spina bifida never walk, some suffer from mental retardation due to encephalitis, and worse some die prematurely... so be greatful that the only problems you have so far are occasional paralysis and pain in your neck and back. IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE!