Ava Our Angel

This is a sstory about my grandaughter, Ava Marie Chadd. So beautiful, and is in heaven watching over her mother and father. y grandaughter was to be born on my dad's birthday on June 21. My daughter didnt think she could get pregant so when she found out she was so excited and so was I. She went to the doctor for her first ultrasound and became her nightmare. The doctor told her that Ava was a Annacepholy baby. Meaning she only had a brainstem her head was open with no brain. It is a form of spina bifida. She wasborn and she was stillborn but oh so beautiful. To get the chance to hold her and love her was a blessing. Her parents had such a rough time coping before she was born and after she was born. The hardest thing I ever had to do is to bury my grandchild. I really do believe that she is watching over them. I am going to get involvedwith the March of dimes. My daughterhas a group called Ava Wings. But the good part is that the hospitol gave them her footprints and handprints in plaster so we will always have her. I miss you Ava and grandma will always love you.
Donna Walker
donnawalker donnawalker
46-50, F
Aug 8, 2012