Accept And Love Your Disability <3

Hey everyone My name is originally Arbnora but I go by the nickname Abby . I am young at age but Ive been told I speak as if Im 60 .. nothing to be ashhamed of . Im 100% albanian , well if you didnt know that is located in europe. I am disabled . Been diagnosed with the disability know as Spinabifida. I stand only four feet tall I knoww wicked cool Im tiny. Ive been on a long journey trying to accept myself for who I am its not easy when you dont fit in . But theres something that most of us are not aware of and that is we all are different mentally and physically.Im not here to make you like me for something im not .. This is who I am and Im not changing not for you nor for these ignorent minds. If you look at a person theres not much there you can see.. our shell does not define who we really are .. but its good sometimes to take a moment and just try to get to know someone for who they personally are.. If your so quick to judge then you may miss out on some amazing people. We live once so lets not waist anymore of our precious time wondering why we were given certain looks ? or why we have to live the way we may have to . ? Some people dont get the chance to live.. Imagine being told When your going to die? Not something anyone looks forward to but its something that happens. You cant change the way things are but one thing is sure you can change the way you think of them . Its about thinking positive and telling yourself it will be okay. If you carry that attitude over your shoulders well your already a winner in my book.My point is accept everyone for their flaws , for there wrong and right decisions that's who they are. Life is to short to sit here and wish Why cant people just accept me ? That's what I've done for a while but honestly this is ME and if you dont like the way I was put together well your loss. I know Im a great person and I and every girl out there well we are beautiful whether your with a disability or with one arm or with no hair to me you are beautiful . No matter if you do good or badd people will judge cuz were human. I want to be an inspiration for younger kids. We all have dreams and goals and you know what GO FOR IT . Chase them. When people say No .. you say yess and smile. you can do anything and i meann anything you put your heart and mind to i promise you that ♥ We all have a purpose to be here.. So lets live this life like we have always dreamed lets make our dreams become our reality. God has been amazing to me. He has showed me strength of which i was never aware of . I may not know my purpose of being here yet but I know one thing for sure I will not leave without leaving footprints behind.
arbnoraa arbnoraa
Jan 20, 2013