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I was left on a doorstep a short time after my birth im told that the veil was still on my face....I bv seen everything from demons to angels ...I've been able to tell a person their future and reveal things about them that knowbody knew ..sometimes that they didn't even know about themselves..just to come back later and ask me how I knew ....I was born on april 12th 1981,and I am a male My mother was shot and killed a day later, and my father shot and killed his self a day after that..they were both from the islands, and had most of their families die due to a natural disaster ....the family that found me on their doorstep adopted me...I have no living blood relatives ...and I am only now trying to figure out who I am...and I hope that finding others like me will help me to do that .... ing to find out who I amrea
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I'm a caulbearer aswell and I found your story inspiring. Though I haven't seen demons, I do have one vivid memory of what I presume was an angel appearing in front of me. At the time however I didn't think it as such (I happened to be around eight years old). But I believe I was born with atleast two abilities those are the gift of knowledge I.e. I'm in the gifted program at my highschool, I'm 1 of 6 students chosen out of the five hundred there, but also knowledge of important things withought people having to inform me such as a friend I have is going through a hard time in her life and I've been able to tell her certain things about her situation withought her telling me, and withought her being on the topic of such a thing, also I was able to understand that my sister was pregnant before our family was informed by her. Also I believe i was gifted with healing some examples are my great grandmother who has recently passed was housed in my fathers nursing home that he directs, and me and my stepmom and other members of my family came to the nursing home as for that evening she had become unresponsive, upon seeing her I prayed for god to either heal her by taking away the pain or passing her on as she was struggling from lack of oxygen. I was then informed by my dad upon waking up that she had expired in the early hours of the morning. Another experience was that my grandmother had been plagued with shingles an one day was reduced to crying, I held her for nearly 45 minutes the next day she called me and told me the pain had subsided and she wanted to thank me because she felt that I had healed her. Among other things all of this is very confusing, especially in my adolescence, if there is anything you can help me with, wether it be understanding my abilities and what I should use them for, or if I may be able to find fallen angels as some people suggest caul bearers may be able to do and help them find forgiveness, depending on if your religious or not, anything would greatly be appreciated.

You have lived through a lot of turmoil-it takes a strong person I commend you on that-I too see things mostly spirits with red hair for some reason. My dreams are what gets me,I dont like to sleep.I revisit a place thats always the same and it feels like home but its the crummbling walls and deserted walls that are left.I am pleased to meet you