The Tip Of The Iceberg

The tips of your masculine fingers brush against my skin, trying to melt the icy crystals forming.  Your lustful eyes show like fiery fury, burning through the ice wall built around my heart.  Will the icicles pierce my heart or will you protectively knock those away too?  My body is rigid, frozen solid from deep within its core.  Ignoring the barriers placed before you, you continue to chip away slowly at my icy prison cell.  My head says I can’t let you win and hurls icy balls at you, attempting to keep you far from my heart; my heart on the other hand feels your presence and wants you to win and come inside the wall with me, forever locking out the monsters that attack us.  You continue to ignore the ice in attempt to find a portal to the inside. Icicles pierce your flesh but you continue on in your mission, allowing no one or nothing to keep you from your victory.

Twisted ribbons of crimson red run down our bodies to the sheets.  I stare, fascinated as our blood mingles and seems to dance in unison across the bed linens, the stains upon the sheets to remain forever. From where does my blood flow?  I felt nothing piercing my flesh?
I spoke too soon as I feel the enemy’s dagger piercing my heart as you continue your fight.  Should I risk penetration from the enemy in order to give you my heart?  What good is a damaged, pierced, bleeding heart to a man such as you?  This thought sets my mind to spinning and I feel sick as I realize that for so long the ice has kept a dying soul in a transient state. What I felt was preservation was in actuality killing me slowly moment by moment as my lifeless heart turned blue green and then eventually rotted to black. Can it be revived?  You are the soul light that gave feeling back to it, but can I continue to grow in your light?
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Awww thanks y'all! I love my sexy man.

Sounds like you found a man who thinks you are worth fighting for you..You can't achieve much together if you don't let at least a tiny crack open up..he can at least get in and protect the heart from the onslaught of enemies..right? *smile*

Thank you Laure.

You wrote a very creative story...very interesting and descriptive. Don't wait too long to figure it out.<br />
Life is too short to care or be scared of the inevitable pain we all suffer. There is one thing you are guaranteed in life and it is that you will lose people you love and you will also die. Oh that is two things. OK well then here is a third as long as I am on a roll. It doesn't get easier as you get older so figure it out now and start embracing the love and looking it square in the eye. Be brave.

I have found a man that is so deep in my heart but I get scared sometimes to open it up for fear that others will hurt me in the process if I feel too much. I trust him completely but it is the outside forces that I don't and it is scary. Trust is a scary thing for me.