To Come Back~
From the place I have fallen
And shattered into pieces
I feel myself reconnecting
All my past and hopes
And dreams, returning
To bind together once more
The person I used to be and
The person I have loved
The one you have so loved
And so patiently
Waited for so long
I feel I am freed
I feel I am lightened
The scars and bruises
Remain to remind me
Of the path I will never
Follow again this life
The tears I shed are
Laying in a circle
Surrounding the pain
Taking all away
But the faintest of
I can never lose my past
To do so I would again
Be lost to myself
There is no future
Or love for me there
It is not of this me
But for the her I have left
Kept safe for me, from me
So the me I am now
May live on in peace
She has sacrificed
And earned her rest
Goodnight, my Broken Heart
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

That is a good poem.

That is a whole lot better.

You are very welcome, being a woman and a team member of our club it is an honor to help you.