My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me So He Can Get Sober.

When we first met he told me about his problem with alcohol, and he was 4 months sober at the time. At first we decided we were just going to be friends and nothing more, because he could not be in a relationship with me because I drank. Things changed as we started hanging out more and more, and then he asked me out in the begining of this past November. I told him that I would not drink if I was with him, and even though he didn't want me to change for him he was okay with it. Things were going great with our relationship, but in December he relapsed, and went out drinking one night. He told me about it right away, and he was fine after; thinking he just needed to get it out of his system. Then even though I told him I would not drink, I had a couple of drinks one night, and told him and he seemed okay with it and we were just as good as ever. (Just as a note, I am in college and live there so I only get to see him every other week or so when I come home). The last time I saw him was Valentines Day, in which we spent the whole day together. Then I went back to school the next day and haven't seen him since. We always talked during the day through text messaging, but then we started to talk less on the phone. I mentioned how we don't talk as much to him yesterday, March 2nd, and he said he noticed it to but didn't have anything to say about it. I knew something had to be up because he was acting very different. Last night he called me, and explained to he has been drinking again and hiding it from everyone including his family and friends I was the first person he told. He then continued to say that he really needs to focus on getting sober and that we should put our relationship off for now. He said he was think about this a lot and wanted to talk about it in person, but it just came out last night. I understand and respect him for wanting to get sober, but its just hard for me to accept the fact that he can't be with me at the same time. He won't even get together with me when I come home this weekend to talk about it, and that just makes it 10x harder for me. He wants to still keep and touch, and said he hopes we can get back together in the future but he needs to reach a year of sobriety. It's just really hard for me to accept all of this, even though we've been dating for a short amount of time I really care about him and want to help him. Its just that I gave up my virginity to him early on, and just cannot take stopping what we have right now. I just don't know how to make it easier for myself??

sneedle18 sneedle18
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010