Forced to ***********

At the age of 11, I lost both my parents in a auto accident, and was forced to move in with my uncle, a perverted, sadistic homosexual doctor. A urologist. Right away, he started in molesting me in his clinic, which was located downstairs in the huge home we lived in. He told me that I needed to have a medical exam in his office, he wanted me make sure I was in good health. I trusted him, after all, he was a doctor. It was on a hot saturday, summer afternoon, that he finially put his plan into action. He came upstairs and told me that it was time for my medical exam. I followed him downstairs into the clinic. He led me into his special exam room. I learned later on, that it was his special procedure room, or Surgical sweet. In the middle of the room, was a sofistacated  looking exam table, with lots of chrome extensions, and it was covered in black latex rubber padding. I will never forget the smell of alcohol in the air, as I entered the room behind him. "Get your clothes off for me now" he said, as he went over to a cabinet on the wall and started to get out a few things. I did as he said, feeling a little weird about it. "Thats a good boy" he said, as I stood there naked in front of him. "Lets get up onto the table now". he said to me next. I climbed up onto the table as he told me. "Slide your *** down here to the end of the talbe for me will you " he said. My bare back and buttocks, slide easily against the smooth black latex rubber padding the table was covered in. "Thats good" there, now, we will place your feet into these sturrups to help hold everthing in place" He told me. He took one leg at a time and placed them into the metal cold sturrups at the end of the table. I was laying there on my back, with both legs spread apart wide and my *** and genitial area, was totally exposed too him.

He then started to probe my body with his hands, touching here and there, lisenting to my heart etc. Then, he put on a pair of latex gloves, and as he was doing this, he told me that he wanted to feel my prostate gland, and see if it was OK. He took out a tube of KY kelley and pushed out a bunch of it on his index finger. I remember the sound of the KY jelley, squirting out of the tube, it sounded like a fart. "I want you to just relax now" he said too me. Then I felt a cold sensation *** up agains my *******, as his lubricated finger was slowly inserted up into my rectum. He pushed it in deep, and then I could feel a funny sensation happening from within, and running out to the end of my penis. He was pushing real hard against my prostate gland.
"Oh yes, you have a inlarged prostate gland, that will need milking" he said. I didn't know what he meant, milking?

I will have to milk out all of the bad fluid built up into it he said. He then told me what to expect. He told me that he would be massaging my prostate gland with his finger up my *** again, and his other hand would be massaging my penis. And that eventually,  this action would stimulate a uncontrollable spasum up deep inside of me, that would force and shoot out the bad fluid within me. I would feel a funny sensation building up within me, and that all of a sudden, my penis would push out a lot of gooey white looking stuff out of it. He told me that this was the stuff that my prostate gland needed to have milked out of me, and that it would not hurt too much, and I would probably feel a burning sensation as it happened.

Then his finger went back up into my *** again, and his other hand, took hold of my penis, and slowly started to stroke it up and down, up and down. His motions were so consistent. The feeling of his finger pushing against my prostate gland, and his other hand stroking my penis, soon brought my penis into a good erection. I looked down and saw my penis all long and hard. "Thats a good boy" I remember him saying. "A nice erection happening here" he said. I didn't know what to expect of this. He continued his stroking and massaging my prostate gland for what seemed like at least 15 minutes or so, and then I started to feel a funny, sensation buidling up within me. "There we go, some nice pre-*** oozing out of you" he said with delight. "Now we are getting close" I remember him saying.  This sensation kept building and building, untill, all of a sudden, it happened. My penis started to pulsate and shoot out a bunch of white gooely looking stuff. I had a intense burning sensation happening from within me. His finger up my ***, kept pushing against my prostate gland, sending my ***********, into much stronger and longer  lasting spasums. Finially my penis stoped contracting, and the white gooey stuff stopped shooting out of my penis. This is how I was first ***********.

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very interesting tale

this reeks of 15 year old

then again, even my grammar wasnt that bad at 15

C'mon, are you really falling for this? This is just another fantasy story. Not real, and it doesn't take 15 minutes to get a kid this age to *********.

Your story could land you in prison for up to 60 months for child *********** it's against Federal law to publish child ****. The reason I know this is someone who I used to work with wrote some story's like yours on a webpage the webpage was being operated by the US postal inspectors it had been taken over after they busted the owner of it. The guy I worked with got 36 months in Federal Prison now he is listed as a sex offender.

What a sick bastard he was!

Did he continue doing this over time/

You need to use spell check.

That is clearly rape! Awful

You have my heart felt sympathy.

my sentiments exactly.