Bullied And Degraded Until I Struck Back

If you have read my other stories you will see that my cousin forced me into sexual situations as a young child. Apart from that my family dynamic was pretty loving. My parents were hard working honest and decent people, even though my father was a very powerful man and tolerated no weakness. So when i went to school i was surprised and shocked to find that i was 'fat' and there it started.
By the time i was 9 i had my period. i remember with such embarrassment the time at school when i was helping to dig the garden the older girls sat and laughed and kept tellling me to bend over to pick things up. I couldn't understand what their issue was. Then the teacher came up and said 'do you know you have your period" i died of shame suddenlly realising why i was attracting so much attention, and not one of the older girls tried to save me.
You might know from earlier stories my breasts.developed at a young age too.  I really needed a bra but i was so ashamed  of them that i used to try and bind them up with bandages. I already knew that they were objects of both male and female attention by this stage and had no desire to bring any more to myself. 
However try as i might it did not escape the attention of some of the boys at my school that i was 'shapely in more than just my belly.  There were a group of about four in particular who made my life hard. Two of them, brothers, had been very excited to see me bleeding and obviously distressed. They commenced trying to kick me inbetween my legs. Their mate who they rode to school with took it a step further and there after they would try and ride past me and kick me in the groin on the way home. One time one of them actually connected with my clitoral area, naturally i had no idea yet that that was what it was. All i knew was that i was in great pain. I grasped at my poor little ***** and this seemed to excite them. i was to focussed on the pain to notice them round back and this time they swung and got me in the *******.  and too embarrassed to tell any one, i learned to either dodge them or pull them off their bikes. After a while i learned to kick them in the nuts. I tried to tell my father. He got sick of me coming home crying. I COULDN'T tell him the truth i was so embarrassed so i said the kids were kicking me in the stomache. After about three weeks of this he said 'enough! i don't want to see you come home crying any more- you have to stand up to these kids. Take them down'
So by the time i was 9 and a half i had learned how to swing my bag and hook people by the feet as they ran away from me. Spread on the ground , i would proceed to jump on them and tap them good. I learned to fight alright and by the time i left that school i had become known as a scraper. There was only one boy who didn't do that to me from that group. He lived across the road from me. One day i got my period unannounced and thought i would be able to race home in my lunch hour and be back in time (i was about 10 by then). well i raced home running as fast as i coould. The only problem was i started to feel a weird sensation between my legs like i had never felt before. The more i ran the more intense it became. All of a sudden my legs went weak and i had throbbing shooting spasms in my ***** which i later learned was ******.  i stood there almost crying at the ecstacy and the pleasure as i gushed a mixture of come and blood down my leg. I COULDN'T stop it and so i went with it but i had not noticed S across the road watching e and touching his **** at the same time. Instead of laughing or attempting to strike me in my feminine areas he was awkwardly feeling  his **** up too. I think my jus just blew him away. He said you better go get cleaned up i will wait for you. And so it was that he named me mother jugs and would would with me to school and some times run  cos he knew it made me go into ****** at my monthly. He used to say any milk to day mother jugs and some times i would let him wiggle them to see how full they were
But one day he wasn't there to walk me home. as i was getting level with the shop wondows thnk GOD i saw a shadow of a boy sneaking up behind me. his aim was to kick me. I swung around grabbing him by his swinging foot i dropped him completely. I guess i lost it, i called out' who the **** wants to fight me know. i put that arsehole in hospital (he chipped his kneecap apparently as he fell). As we rode out i had a feeling i would not get hit  again .i do wonder though if this streak i have in me for picking the wrong men and the wrong relationship was set up as  young as that as a means to protect myself!!!!!!!! I LOVED big bad men. i LOVE being big. I have lost weight in the past but i prefer to carry a bit of beef. I think it goes way back to when i tried so hard to 'desexualise' myself. LOL here i am now in my 50.s trying to be sexy! Ah well better late than never
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Jan 14, 2013