I don't think compared to others experiances in abuse and bullying that mine is worth mentioning but I just have to get it off my chest since it has recently come back to haunt me, in primary school a girl used to wait until there was only me an her on the school bus, she pulled my hair out I cant remember how long this went on for but I do remember I had bald patches for some time. I didn't say anything to my parents it only stopped when my dad discovered my hair and cuts on my ears where she had nipped them until her nails sliced right through. Has anyone else had this delayed affect of childhood bullying considering this happened nearly 20 years ago.
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Hiya! How are you? Im older than you, and experienced it at the hands of teachers and perverts of Christian brothers!
Luckily it was only physical. I was out of Ireland for a long time but I swore that if I ever met any of them, I would beat them within an inch of there lives! I got my chance. Could not believe it! A male teacher, shopping in a supermarket. I went for it! Grabbed him by the throat and told him what I thought of him! I could see the fear in his eyes.
I didn't hit him as he was an old man and Im above that type of behaviour. But I was right. The whole shop was looking! He was cringing!
His wife divorced him on the grounds of physical violence! In other words,
when he could no longer hit the children, he beat his wife instead!!!! A wonderful human being! Imagine putting an animal like that to teach children?
And do I carry the scars? No I don't! Don't let there likes win! Were way above that!!! But I learned and when my 8 year old son was being bullied in school by 3 thugs, I sorted it personally!
Bet the scumbag who abused you, has had a disasterous life! But if you ever meet her, confront her!!!
Love to you!
Pat x

Thanks for reading and understanding I still live in Ireland its horrible hearing the things that happened to kids by so called 'religious leaders' my heart goes out to victims. Glad you sorted your kids problems I was so scared to tell my mum and dad what was happening. Thanks again

Thank you sweetheart! I do understand! Yes, children are sometimes scared to tell there parents but they should never be scared! What type of parent wouldn't listen to there children? My children and my 2 grandkids would tell me and there mum and dad. I remember telling my Dad about it but such was the power of the brainwashing of the church, he wouldn't believe it! And my dad was a wonderful father who I adored!
Id boil those B`s in oil!!!! Theses are the same ones who sexually abused little children!!! Id burn there churches to the ground with them in in it!
I know there strong words but that's how I feel. I don't consider myself a Christian anymore. Im a humanitarian! I love my fellow human beings!
Im delighted you moved on! Lots of poor unfortunate people cant. We are lucky! We are strong!
It really is so lovely hearing from you! Your very brave to talk about it and your right!!! Pat x