Sarina Russo Bully Not Only At Capalaba

Not only at that location, but everywhere.
She is only interested in money, not only are candidates(jobseekers) treated as a dollar value, a number, but so are the staff.
I worked there for a while, but couldn't stand the constant references by Management: 'Sarina doesn't like that, Sarina is watching your performance'. Basically, Sarina is not happy - You Don't Say - and it's not from anythng the staff have done,
It's more to do with the manager not being happy that they will have to 'front' sarina and explain why they don't have the expected profit or the executive's pressuring the mangers to return the profit 'because sarina is not happy'.

The whole organisation is made up of henchmen and lackeys - the henchmen are the 'top executives' (not family) that carry out the Bully's orders, the lackey's are the family employed as 'executives' on huge salaries and nil skills. Ahh, blood is thicker than water.....

Just imagine this type of personality in another lifetime, she would have been someone like Napolean or Hitler - What I mean is that people around her can see she is a bully (they talk about it all the time AND they think she's mad, innapropriate etc AND cringe if they have to attend a Public Speaking Engagement where she may be the key speaker), but they will not speak up so they follow the circus and the next pay run - remember henchman or lackey. Most of the 'henchmen / people in high places'' think she is totally ridiculous, but that doesn't stop them taking the pay cheque. Truth is she only exists because she happened to come across (shall we say) the 'right' people a number of years ago that have put her where she is, because honestly (need I say more, I think we have all worked with someone similar in our lives).

What she doesn't get is that the staff she employs and pays (including her 'executives' talk behind her back and call her such an idiot, she has no idea, money can't buy class etc and they all hold their breath when she's around) SR is in the building was the whisper - sit up straight, look important, look stressed like you're working on something REALLY important and don't forget to smile :) For God's sake, don't engage in conversation with her (direct instructions from mangement, and DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES REPLY TO HER 'FROM SARINA'S DESK EMAILS) AND give some vague answer if she speaks to your directly.

When you're there, staff talk openly about the 'fear of sarina', the 'need to please sarina', its freaking funny as it's a bit like she's never, ever, satisfied - the management play on it, push harder, do more, meet your KPI's more, exceed your KPI's more, then exceed them again cause I want a big fat bonus - it became increasingly obvious even from my point it is a blatant grab for cash on all levels.
True Story: it's pretty dysfunctional and totally ridiculous that she publishes a bullying flyer for her staff - what , wait......... if they were switched on they would see that it's written about her - oh of course, henchmen and lackeys, that's right, did we mention brainwashed- they actually believe her and the funny part is that they are all living it UNTIL they get out and look back. They may even think 'from Sarina's desk' should be re-named to 'Work harder right now so I can travel the world, buy more real estate and oh i'd like a new handbag and hair extensions'. What a unit!!
longgonerusso longgonerusso
May 21, 2012