I Still Am :(

Because I'm gay and people just don't except it. because my mum's mentally ill, because i seem to be that little bit smaller than everyone else, because i'm too smart, because I just don't 'fit it', because I'm ill all the time, because i'm too ill to do much most of the time...

the emotional stuff, it's hard but i pretend it doesn't bother me. The physical side... I've been throw down stairs, smacked into walls, locked in random rooms in the dark, I just seem to run into other people's fists... I get slapped, punched, kicked, pushed, my mum thinks i'm just clumsy, means i don't have to explain the bruises. And the teachers just don't ******* care!!! Homophobic bastards, they make it very clear they don't like me, and no matter where I go.. it just seems to follow me. I stand up for myself but I'm too weak, physically and people take advantage of that.
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I really wish people could put themselves in your shoes and know what you are feeling. I guess they feel that anyone who isn't the norm is weird. That is wrong. They will all get what is due to them one day and it will dawn on them that it is a punishment for what they are doing to you .

My high school years were a lot like that. I've started going to college now, and things are much better for me there. You're almost out of high school. Try not to drop out like I did, but if you do take the GED right away. Don't wait.

thanks, -hugs everyone back- It'll be better one day...

*HUGS* i'm sorry people can but really really dumb but one day you'll find people who except you the way you are and love you for it. So stay strong it gets better and if i was there i give you more *HUGS*

I would report the teachers if I were you and I'm awfully sorry you've had to go through something like that. Stand up for yourself. People physically abusing you can be reported to the police for assault. Definetly give it a shot. Report those bastard teachers and tell your Mom what really happened. If she can't believe you then she doesn't seem like a very nice parent.<br />
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I know it's difficult, but try to stay strong!