When Best Friends Bully...

Note: Names are changed to conceal my idenity, for if anybody i know read this and figured it out it was me, i would never live it down.

I supppose i was always a pretty suitable target for bullying. I didnt realize this when i was younger, maybe because it didnt happen often.

Up until grade 7 there were 3 people that were my best friends through the whole time, Joey, Alex and Emma. Since we were too young to really notice who was part of the "popular crowd" and who were the "losers" i hung out with the peope that turned out to be some of the most popular people in the class by the time we got to grade 7. Up until then things were mostly fine. Those 3 friends treated me pretty well. Since Joey and Alex were boys and i was a tomboy they were very rough with me which i didnt mind, but there were times that they werent exactly nice. (You know they would ditch me, critisize sometimes, and such) I guess I had a pretty good childhood, but those two did hurt me sometimes.
I specifically remember in grade 5 having a grade 7 bully me and my two best guy friends. He would just pick on us, get in the way, steal our ball, and flat out bug us. That wasnt very effective and only lasted a little while. But it is still bullying.

As a young child i dont recall anymore bullying expreiences myself, only friends being bullied at some point. However i do remember grade 7 vividly. I remember my 3 best friends changing. Since we were a little older we started noticing the cliques. After 7th grade began we noticed my bestf riends were in the popular crowd, and i was greatly below it. They started being rude to me. They made me feel like a loser, and i believed them. However they were still my friends. Since they were busy being popular i needed people to hang with and i made a few new friends in my class, people that i never liked in previous grades. One of my new friends hung out with the grade 6s, so naturally i would hang out with them. That led to the first time i figured out i had a bully. One of the guys she hung out with was a jerk. He was mean, rude, cold, popular, and harsh. If he got the chance he would make fun of me, some words that still ring in my ears to this day. So all through grade 7 i put up with that guy and my mean friends. I felt bad, but i never stood up to them.
Then came gradde 8. Grade 8 i started hating my old friends and getting closer to my new ones. At first iwas okay with this but then the most hurtful bullying began. Joey started bullying me. He made fun of me all the time. He would always point out my faults, and make me look and feel like a loser in front of everybody. I always thought back to our friendship, and then saw what he was doing. It hurt. Alex stayed one of my friends, we just didnt speak much in public i guess i understood why though. Emma mostly ignored me, but made fun of me sometimes and tried to make me feel worthless. Through grade 8, i developed new fears and problems. After the complete betrayl of my friends i began to develop social isues and i wasnt sure where i belonged. I always felt afraid, nervous, jumpy, and i was scared easily. I had anxiety.
Well that's my story. Bullying gave me a mental illness, and made me feel worthless. Whoever says words can't hurt lie, but in a way I think these bullying experiences made me stronger. I've heard it all, and know what's not true, so what else are they going to say?
iamjustme164 iamjustme164
Sep 29, 2011