Hell Bus

I was a pretty cool kid,I was never bullied in school.It just wasn't the kind of thing I would stand for,but I did experience a bully/harassment type situation in the 6th grade.
When I first started my school in the 6th grade,I went from a diverse school far out to a one-race dominant inner-city school.I was used to it,since I have went to over 12 schools in my elementary/middle school years,some even worse than this one.I had no problems with anyone,but it was on one day,I was playfully messing with a girl who was my "friend" and she ended up embarrassing me in front of everyone.From that day on,I dreaded riding the bus to and from school.I avoided sitting by the girls who used to harass me,pulling my hair and throwing stuff at me(and this happened for a few months,they sat behind or in front of me,talking about me,pulling my hair,only me,and what was embarrassing is that they were in a grade lower than me).I was apart of the "front bus group" a group of kids who regularly sat in the front of the bus who were at the mercy of the back of the school bus kids.Paper balls where thrown every which ways at bus,we were talked about loudly by the back of the bus,just,horrible.I was always aware who was sitting in the front of me,the back and the sides.I was in tears and on the verge of suicide the first year.It wasn't as horrible as killing myself at all,I just have never experienced it,so it bothered me really bad.I never had a problem in the school,I was actually not even targeted at all and was friends with all of the kids who threw paper,but the bus was a different situation.When my stop came,I was "glad I survived" that hell bus continued until 8th grade,when I FINALLY transferred.I was so grateful.Though it wouldn't be considered bullying,I was harassed a lot by boys and it caused me to get into fights which I never really did.When I went to this school,which was a failing school,it changed me for the worse.I had never tried to fit in in school EVER to be liked,and I discovered that.To this day I am still aware who sits by me on the school bus despite moving from over 800 school of hell to a school with around 200 students altogether.I'm glad it changed me back.And I am sure not glad I am going to the zoned high school for that horrible failing school either!!That high school is failing too.I got out while I could.
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I don't go with bulling and if it happens in the bus and the bus driver does nothing then give him a bad rating so others can see what goes on on the bus at www.ratemybusdriver.com