i remember when i was in the seventh grade (first year high in the Philippines), i got bullied almost every time i went to school. The bully will take me to the c.r. and beat the crap out of me. I acted like he was my friend 'cause he was a warfreak. i was afraid that his frat brother's would hunt me down and beat the sh*t out of me. often times i came home with bruises on my shoulders. there were 3 of us who were being bullied but i suffered most, 'cause every day that i was present at school, he would beat me up. everyone that i told it to tried to convince me to stand up for myself.... but i couldn't.

The pressure led me to cutting my classes and absenting in class. often times i would hide at the school dump since the guards wouldn't let me go outside and i dont want anyone to see that i'm cutting my classes. i chose the dump 'cause it's the only place where i could hide all day without being seen. My absences led me to ****** up grades, and soon , the teachers began to suspect that something is wrong with me and maybe i was using drugs. heck, even my own guardian thought i was using drugs. sy:2008-2009 became the worst school year of my life, and i transferred to a different school when i was in 2nd year high.

At first i thought the bully was the one to blame but now.... i think not. I mean, it was my fault too for not standing up for myself, i mean, i know i have the strength to beat him, but i didn't have the guts. nowadays, i 'm not bullied anymore, i'm in 4th year high, and i promised myself that will never let anyone bully me again. someone made me realize that there are a lot of worse things that could happen, am i a beggar on the street?no! am i a guy looking in the dump to find food for his children? no! do i eat food out of the garbage! **** no! see? there are a lot of worse things but you''ll just need to learn how to deal with your problems rather than skipping it or trying to escape from it.

kreepykyle kreepykyle
18-21, M
Aug 28, 2012