I was always picked on by three particularly nasty girls in the middle school. I nicknamed them 'The Three Witches', although it did eventually progress to 'The Three *******'. They made fun of the way I looked, dressed, sounded, what I said, how I acted. They basically bullied me for being me. It wasn't a case of jealously, as most adults like to put it. No. They were just real cows. Sure, I had little experience with doing my hair, or fashion sense- heck, I didn't even know what fashion was! If it was colourful and fun, I wore it. And as for the way I look, no one can help that. Make-up in the middle school? That just wasn't an option for me. Nor did the prospect seem very exciting.

When I answered in class, they were there. Always there. Mimicking me, whispering 'nerd' and 'dork' in my ears, bringing silent tears to my eyes.

I'm not totally free of them even now. I can always count on one of them to sidle up to me in the corridor and sling an arm around my shoulders, smirking in my face, throwing her head back and laughing.

But, in an attempt to console myself, I just think, "Hey. I'm going to do something with my life. I'm going to make a difference and achieve all I want to achieve. I have better things to do than ***** and bully."
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The jerks

Yeah, I'm sure they get called worse than that lol. They just stoop really low to hurt others. So I just (in the words of Taylor Swift) shake it off.

Exactly cos you ARE beautiful dnt let anyone tell u different


Np it's true

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