Hello people!
I've been going to therapy because I have social phobia, but I've also been bullied since I was little, my therapist said that people get bullied because they don't know how to put limits to other people, so we basically let them do what ever they want to do with us.
So, does anyone have any ideas on how to put limits to bullies????


CatalinaMD CatalinaMD
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

From personal experience, I have realized that bullies bully those people the most who reciprocate to the bullying. For instance, when A is bullied by B, and A reciprocates by crying, or showing that he/she has been emotionally affected by B's bullying, in a way, that fuels B to continue bullying A.

If A somehow conveys to B that A is nonchalant to B's bullying, than B would stop bullying. I hope this makes sense.

well karate.... um judo er... crap like that ^_^ shelf defense tell them your a black belt show em a trick and they leave u alone ima red belt

I'd love to know! Hasn't your therapist got any ideas?