6th Grade and On

It started for me when I was in the 6th grade.  I had to walk a ways to the bus.  There was this girl who was always dirty and big for her age.  She used to threaten me all the time.  I was never a fighter so I was always scared of her.  Before we got off the bus in the afternoons she would always tell me she was going to get me.  I would stand up by the door as we got close and as soon as the doors opened I would jump and run all the way home.  Thank God I could out run her.  Going to the bus stop in the morning I would hide until the bus pulled up and then get on.  She would tell me that's OK I will get you this afternoon.  I don't know what I ever did to her.  I had never even talked to her or anything.  It got to where I would get up in the morning's and tell my mom I was sick and did not want to go to school.  She would check my temperature and tell me you are fine now get to the bus stop before you miss your bus.  My step father finally one day asked me what was wrong.  I told him and he was really mad.  Then one morning I saw at the bus stop I saw the girl with a knife showing it to everyone.  That afternoon she told me she was going to get me good today.  Again like always I was waiting at the door of the bus and as soon as it stopped I jumped and took off running.  She was right behind me with the knife out.  The next thing I know my daddy's pickup truck pulled in between us and he got out.  He told me to go ahead and go home and he made her get in the truck.  I guess he had told his boss he needed off early that day to take care of some things and he took her home and had a talk with her parents.  I never seen her at the bus stop again.  I was safe.  For that matter I never seen her in school again and I have always wondered what happened.  I heard one of the girls talking about how bad the bully's parents beat her.  Since I grew up in a rich neighborhood and went to school with all the rich kids high school was miserable.  My family was middle class and we shopped at K-mart and such which the rich kids would always tease the kids who were not in style.  I always got picked on and the guys would bark at me.  My ten year reunion has come and gone and I did not go.  I have no reason too.  It was a three day party and held in some expensive hotel on the beach.  I did have some good friends in high school but over the years I have lost contact.  I do have good memories too of high school but I will always remember the ones who treated me bad.  I also believe that when you do something bad to someone it will come back on you ten fold.  Now that I am a woman I realize the most popular girls in school were the ones who put out. 
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I'm sorry you missed your reunion. I had similar experiences after my sister was no longer around to protect me at school. I almost missed my last one because I do not drive and had no transportation. I had never gone before, either, but one of the reception committee members contacted me by EMail and told me he would arrange for a ride to and from if I would come. He picked me up personally, I went and had a good meal and a wonderful time. I am disabled in both knees with arthritis and stayed at my two-person table - but people came and talked to me instead - including a girl in my homeroom in high school. We had a how-have-you-been-what-are-you-doing-now chat that lasted a good forty-five minutes.In a few reunions I have attended since, most of the kids have forgotten old childish hurts and want to reconnect and be friends. Please rethink your decision and go to the next one, if you can. These people are grown up now and should not hold old wounds against you. Mine didn't - and I'm thankful for that.

I went to my 4Oth year high school reunion. I didn't go to any earlier ones and almost didn't go to this one because I have arthritis in both knees and am reduced to a walker;
also because it was at the racetrack and had no transportation. One of the members of the reception committee asked me again to come, he would pick me up and take me home. I gave in.I dreaded seeing most of the old classmates because of incidents like you described.
Was I ever wrong-o! My ride brought me a dinner from the buffet table, and I didn't have to leave my table all night - people came to ME! People from my homeroom division, people I did (and didn't quite] remember. Everyone was nice - they had seen me come in with the walker and made an effort to come over and catch up. It was a busy, profitable, and fast four hours. Some of my old classmates had passed away, but those that were there we glad to see me come.

I was bullied for not being a **** in 6th grade, crazy right?
Good thing i got the heck out of THAT school lol
Its not as bad here, but it seems no matter where i go ill never NOT be bullied
Lol , enh i guess one daylife will gt better

6th was my worst school year ever.

I was bullied by class mates and then teachers for 12 years growing up. I was beaten on a regular basis. My PE teachers called me a sissy because I could not run fast enough to even beat one girl in class. I was undiagnosed with asthma, I was close to dieing a couple of times, and no one did a damn thing. <br />
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I have not gone to any of my High School reunions either, we just had the 20th a couple of years ago. I had no friends then, so why would I go back now?!?<br />
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We were also middle class family, in a rich area. I had a hand me down Toyota Celica to drive when I turned 16, while others had BMWs, Mercedes, Muscle cars, and even a couple of Ferraris were in our school parking lot.

Wow...sounds like you had quite a bad experience with this bully of yours. I myself have been a bullying victim, and I just happened to write about one of my bullying experiences, and will post some more stories when I have a chance. If you're interested in reading my story, feel free to do so.

I skipped My high school reunions as well the people I want to see I see all but the one who committed suicide over being bullied at school and home. the rest of them I could care less about.

Nothing wrong with K-mart, My parents used to take me there. I didn't go to non of my reunions either, to many bad memories. It was the same where I went to school. The "popular" guys were the ones who took everything the the "popular" girls put out. I am so glad that I did not go down that road. It's good that you had a step father who loved and cared for you so much.