I Was Bullied

When I was in grade school. I don't remember why though..I got nervous twitches..because i was stressed and of course I was bullied because of them too.
It stopped for some time when I was put into another class. I even had friends. Or so I thought. There was a poor girl..really poor that everyone was bulling. I was the one who always protected her. We became friends but after that I was bullied along with her..
It was like that for some years..but i learned to protect myself by ignoring their bulling. if someone came close just to say something to hurt me I ignored it but if they touched me or hit me I would kick them so they won't come close again. and it kind of went by like that..until they put us two into another class again. Off course we were telling teachers about bulling and our parents went to school too but removing us was the best solution they always came with..
So we were already in gimnasium when we went to new class. It was all good and nice for a year. After that my friendship with that girl was broken. Well she kind of betrayed me..nevermind that..I found a new friend in that class. And even so the bulling started again..because of what this time? because i was skinny..i don't really understand why it's bad to be skinny and why was i the one bullied if there was a girl in class even skinnier than me! i can't understand it. maybe because i was new for them..she were with them longer..i don't know. but i ignored it as well. gimnasium ended and even though it wasn't all that pleasurable i still made some friends during that time.
In high school nobody bullied me..fortunally..but well..i don't really have contact with anyone from school beside my university friends..
At work there was no bulling but i sometimes think that my co-workers smile weirdly or talk behind my back..they do it all the time and i am not sure if that's about me..but i think it is. even so i hate them and i ignore that also..i don't care about what people think anymore..they're founding faults with someone because they have too many of them and are scared to look at themselfs.
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i had friends from games but it doesn't last long and they're always from far away countries..lol<br />
i need someone to be with me HERE. to hug me or go for a drink..or just talk

well try imvu or runescape make friends meet thm in real life or on ep ill be friends with anyone as long as they dont act like cracks

i call them that but i don't have contact with them. so they weren't really my friends i suppose.<br />
now i have two but..we talk only by sending email or sms. i mean they send them if they need something from me..yeah so i have friends like that only..that's why i'm still lonely

You were lucky,i never had friends in school.