6th Through 9th Grade

My offense between ages 11 and 15----I was tall, overweight, and wore thick glasses. People I didn't even know would try to pick fights. They'd try to steal my glasses, knowing I couldn't see to find them. They'd go to great effort to make sure my day ended poorly. And the teachers? Absolutely worthless, as they stuck their head in the sand. Unfortunately, time does not totally erase those feelings of being an outcast, even though it's been 30 years ago. To this day I remember many things about those years and cannot help but harbor some resentment toward those who tried to make my life hell. Things changed when I was 16---muscles developed, I began to exercise a lot more, I lost weight, I got contact lenses and if anyone messed with me----I didn't really care who it was---I'd wrap a two by four around their head and kick them for a field goal. I completely understand where the victims of bullies are coming from. The postings on this EP section appear completely honest and valid. I don't believe that anyone can truly understand the trauma one goes through unless you have been through it yourself. The secret to surviving it: have healthy distractions: hobbies, exercise, outside activities that you truly enjoy doing---that's what will really help.
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