10 Lies Adults Often Tell Bullied Children

1.) “People who bully others do it because they feel bad about themselves.”
---- No, most of them are actually narcissists and they actually feel quite good about themselves. They bully because they think they’re better than their victims and it is fun and entertaining to point out how they are better.

2.) “Boys pick on you because they like you.”
----Typical load of crap often fed to little girls who are being bullied by the boys at school. In most cases boys do NOT pick on girls they like. On the contrary they actually do pick on girls because they find them unattractive and it is just simply fun to let them know how repulsive they are.

3.) “It gets better when you’re older.”
----No, for many their self confidence and identity has become so severely crippled from the bullying that they are just as miserable as adults as they were as children.

4.) “They’re jealous of you.”
----Ahem…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See number 1…

5.) “You’re actually lucky. Being bullied builds character. You’ll be a better person for it.”
-----Another big HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! For this see number 3.

6.) “Don’t listen to what they say. It dosen’t matter what other people think. It only matters what you think of yourself.”
----Hmmm…really? Pity you can’t take YOURSELF to the prom. I suppose at least there is m@sturbation…

7.) “None of what they are saying is true. They are only saying it because they know it hurts you.”
----Is that so? Well where did they get the idea in the first place though? Like for example I doubt some teenage boy sees a pretty teenage girl and his first thought is “Hey, I’m going to call that hot chick ugly and see if it makes her cry.” No no no. If said boy uses the “You’re ugly” method the girl probably actually isn’t much to look at.

8.) “Don’t worry ugly ducklings grow up to be beautiful swans.”
----Ehhhh, no no not usually. More often than not if you were unattractive as a child you are going to be unattractive as an adult. Its just that by adulthood most have developed tact and stop blatantly pointing it out to you…though some still will especially after a few beers…

9.) “You’re probably actually being targeted for some other reason. You know, personality accounts for a lot even in childhood.”
----Eh…newp. If I recall most people took one look at me and started attacking me . They didn’t even try to get to know me.

10.) “Don’t worry when you grow up you will be a huge success and those that bullied you will be jealous because they’ll all be living in trailers with 10 kids.”
----First off, see number 3 again and most of the people who bullied me are actually doing better than me now financially and career wise…because that childhood narcissism paid off as self confidence and strong leadership skills later. And from what I have sheard I am far from being the only former victim who endures setbacks due to a lack of these leadership skills and confidence.

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3 Responses Jul 15, 2011

I was bullied through my middle school and high school years. Now, as an adult, I am considered attractive and I have had several boys from HS tell me that I was in their fantasies all through school which frankly shocked me since I felt so worthless and ugly back then. I was told I was ugly by boys and girls alike and now when I show my yearbook pictures I'm always told how cute I was. I have a good job and I have no shortage of boyfriends. My point is, your post is 100% wrong. Bottom line, whatever you choose to believe about yourself is true. If you think you're beautiful, others will too. If you think you're ugly, ditto. It all depends on how you present yourself to the world. If you let a bunch of twelve year olds dictate how you will live the rest of you life, in the end it's not their fault....it's YOUR choice.

Fantastic post!!!!!!!! You spoke MY mind and MY heart entirely..!! This post of yours is indeed an eye-opener, and none would know better than me how untrue each of those claims (made by parents) are!!! Each and every one of those points are myths, and nothing else. I have come to realise that in life. I was also severely bullied throughout my school career, and all my parents and well-wishes did was make those sorta reassurances. And oh how certain they are/were whenever they made those reassurances! Needless to say, even my bullies are much better off financially, career-wise and status wise today..... as they were all go-getters and aces in everything. Now they're just stars, while my career progress, social progress and everything are still under-developed and have been through delays due to many obstacles beyond my control... even though I was a very bright student in school. Ah circumstances! :(<br />
<br />
Anyway, god bless your soul for writing such a fabulous piece.!!! It should be published somewhere... like on some magazine or journal or something. :) None could have put it more realistically than you..!!

Wow. You're really bitter aren't you? Guys call girls ugly because they know it gets to them. Looks are the one thing a girl stresses about and whether or not she is ugly, a guy likes to knock down the confidence of someone he doesn't like. Calling her stupid or annoying won't be as hurtful as ugly. And disagree about ugly duckling. My friend was bullied so much and called ugly and was picked as one of Maxim's home town hotties. bet most of those bullies werent...

Exactly! People bully to see a reaction. No other reason.