I was bullied at school wich is now over 20  years ago. Yet sometimes feels like yesterday. There was no physical bulling but verbal exept on 1 accasion she broke my ruler deliberetly. Not as bad as some of you out there Im sure but it still affects you all the same. It went on 4 years untill( oh yes !! there was hair pulling and shoving)I told my mother and she went 2 her and another ones houses. It stopped there and then so my advice???tell someone-someone who loves u. I told the teachers but they didn't care. They used 2 sit ME out of class well Im sure that made the bulling worse. Bullies r DEFINATELY cowards oh if only I cud find her now I wudn't half give it her-no violence though-that wud stoop me as low as she is/was. I tried 2 take my own life there were other factors 2 that made me try that but I believe bulling was THE most contibuting factor. Now I don't take any c..p from anyone. Although I went on 2 marry abit of a bully bu thats another story.

to date - in the recent news so called "proffesionals" say that it says that for kids who can "take it" bullying is GOOD for them. That it helps them to "know their place in society!!!!" hardens them!! they havent been bullied themselves have they.

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This article sheds light on bullying: http://nontrivialpursuits.org/motivation.htm

I recommend it to anyone struggling with this issue. Hope it helps!

To those "Professionals" Yeah sure just like arming yourself will make others respect you. Obviously they haven't been your shoes---Book learning and theories are no match for common sense. They should read the book on Mao Tse Tung, he used the Same Ideas and same words and 70 million Chinese were sent to their deaths--the peasants had to "know their place in Society" and it was "Good for them as well" Professionals my arse!

Actually, when they pull your hair that is assault and battery. Assault is making any physical threats and battery is any actual contact. Most of the police do not take these kind of assaults as seriously as they should, but it is still worth while pointing out that these sort of attacks ARE against the law, even for children.

oh yes of course bulling is another reason for school shootings. I feel just as angry with the teachers who dismissed the problem as serious.

I was bulied a lot in my school. Verbal abusing, namecallling was like everyday dish for me. I still don't understand i was so good at studies, always been in to 5 students, still some teachers used to beat the hell out of me. It wasn't also like slap, it was worse. There was this sanskrit teacher who used to pull my hair, punch on my back, slap, stick everything in front of my whole class just for missing few points in homework. Even that was fine but sometimes he used to make me kneel down outside class so that everyone passing through corrider can see me. I was so scared of going to school. <br />
<br />
I am a mentally tough guy and never cry in front of everyone, but all of my tears rushes out whenever i am alone. Never told any of these to my parents though.

I feel for you. I was ashamed of being bullied.

the reason kids bully is because they are jealous. simple as that. of course, we can only see and believe that in retrospect, it sucks, and seems so unfair while its actually happening. kids are usually bullied because they are different in some way, physical or otherwise. bullying is the act of breaking down peers so that they conform or so they feel incompetent and thus inadequate, because one day these peers will be competing for mates within the same population. that's why its usually boys bullying boys and girls bullying girls, its a way of decreasing the competition for a mate in the long run. also, the extent to which one bullies his or her peers tends to be genetic, with little environmental influence. bulliers will usually fall for other bulliers of the opposite sex, and the bullied will generally fall for those that have also been bullied--this is just a generalization however. of course, those that can rise above the bullying and keep or regain their self confidence will likely be destined for greatness. in my personal experience, it is often those that were bullied as children that go on to be the most beautiful or the most intelligent of adults.

hey, blondiesindy. I'm so sorry that you went through this. I just wanted to say people have done the same things to me and that when they pulled your hair, that's physical bullying, because they put their hands on you. It sucks, and I'm tired of the school systems not taking bullying seriously until it's too late. They don't want to do anything until it gets to the extreme, or if it's too late. People wonder why school shootings get started. Bullying is why. They should prevent it.

now the so called "proffesionals" are saying that bullying actually does some kids good . Errr - I dont think so!!! they obviously havent been bullied themselves.

Hi yongyong...bullying is when someone intentionally tries to hurt or upset another person...bullying can be verbal (namecalling, taunting etc) physical (hitting, kicking etc) or emotional (leaving people out of things, spreading rumours etc)it is deliberate but does not have to be continous...once is enough to wreck someones life!

hello I want to know the word bulling what's meaning

I hope you do meet her again and i hope she feels like c**p for what she did to you.

I had same things happened to me to!! the verbal abuse really sticks to you.. I thought I should totally get over it by now but sometimes I unconsciously beat myself up verbally.. and bring myself down.. although It's over small things.

sure do I don,t take any c*** from anyone no more. My ex hubby was a bully so when he had an affair I threw ALL his greatest belongings out the window.