What is bullying?? Bullying is words, physical or anything like to hurt a person or a group of people. Bullies get everything that they want because they put fear in their victims. Alot of times the victims are afraid to report because they are afraid the bully will find out and the bully will come back for revenge. Bullying is becoming a huge problem in schools.
When I was in school. It started in elementary school. I was called alot of names. I rememeber alot of them nerd, dork, buck tooth beaver, brace face, stupid, queer, 4 eyes and alot more names I did have braces and glasses at the same time. I never saw anything wrong with that. I couldnt see and my teeth were messed so braces were there to help me. The kids that would mostly pick on me were the cool kids. I tried to fit in with them but that was a mistake. They were really mean and rude.
In middle school it was the same thing. I hung out with what people call the nerds. We could play card games and all that stuff. The cool kids hate because they thought it was dum and a waste of time. Me and the guys I hung around had fun.
In high school, I was one of the smart of the kids. I had a gym teacher he who was a jerk  to me because I wasnt an athlete and I was different. He was reallly close minded and wasnt open to anything new. I was an easy target because I never stood up for myself. There was days, I didnt want to get up and go to school because I was afraid of being made fun of. I luved school. I was a great student and everything.
Whenever I go to college, the bullying was sorta going on. I did stand up for my stuff once, I was working out with this guy that was sorta my friend. He was being a jerk so I threw him up against a mirror after that he never messed with me. We never spoke or anything like that. I was happy about that.  One less person, I have to worry about.
When I was 20, I found out that I had Aspergers. It explained alot of the behaviors that alot that I was doing and the same ones that people would look at me weird. I rememeber one day, a group of guys that i hung around with were going to a club. I asked if I could go because I wanted to see what It was like and all that stuff. One of the guys said my Aspergers would get the best of me. In my mind I was like how. I was willing to come out of my shell. Once I re-thought what he said it was kinda of hurtful, that i was not cool enough or anything like that to hang out.
Overall, being bullied is not fun, it is hurts physically and emotionally. It is something that no one should go through with.

After going through that I have made some important conclusions. Once I go back to college and everything works out and so far. I will have more power over the bullies because I did something with my life. Once a victim of bullying does something special with there life, they have more power over those bullies because they did something with there life.
Alot of bullies forget there is someone that is bigger and better then them out there.
One day a victim of bullying might save a person that bullied them life. You never know.
Probably alot of famous people were probably bullied. Those famous people look back at those people that bullied them and say look what I did with my life.
I believe that no one should go through there life living in fear of being bullied. Kids shouldnt have to afraid about going to school thinking they might get bullied. Kids should be thinking about school and what they are going to do after school. The same thing with college kids. People that work everyday jobs. No one should life in the fear of being bullied. Everyone is different. They is nothing wrong with being different. If the world was the same then it would be boring. People should live there day to day lifes enjoying it instead of worrying about being bullied.
Overall, bullying is wrong and people that bully other people are cowards.
Thanks for listening
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Awesome story so true all I can say is thank u because so many need tO see this. Everything that bUllies put other kids through is heartbreacking. U think about the kids are commuting suicide and losing there lIves just because of bulling and u would think that people would have the heart to stop but they still dont. hope others can read this inspiring messege that u sent to EVERYONE who read this u are amazing -----WORLD DREAM ON------H-----O----P-----E
Hold. On. Pain. Ends

I wish everyone could read your story cause you really speak the truth from your heart. I still get bullied at school and after school...at least summer break is some releif from it all.

you are really a talented writer and could convey your feelings poignantly through your story.<br />
Thanks for sharing. It should have been very challenging to stand up to the bullies. <br />
Hope rest of your life is bully - free ....

Being bullied turned me into a strong person. It's good to read you are the same, getting through the tough times makes us who we are.<br />
<br />

Thank you for sharing this. Being different makes us an easy target for bullies, but we must remember we are better people than them. They're not worth the attention.

I know exactly how you feel. I too was bullied when I was in middle school. I was a loner for 2 years and it sucked. I think bullies loose a lot though.. you say that they get everything they want.. but I beg to differ. I think that what goes around comes around.. and I have met a lot of bullies who have gotten what they deserved. The best way to get back at a bully is to live your life the best way you can.. and you might become successful.

PS. Bullies just want to make themselves feel better. (because they are cowards and have **** lives) So they take out their problems on others.. pretty dumb if you ask me. ;)

"Overall, bullying is wrong and people that bully other people are cowards" You hit that nail square on the head with this sentence. It's way more easy to threaten people with violence than to accept that every person has a different personality and different interests and none of them are superior because they are "cool"

Justin, I have SOOOO much more respect for you after reading this. This story gives a great message to all of us.<br />
Also, you write so well! <br />
One day, you are going to be more successful than your bullies and the cool kids. You are an amazing person. May all your dreams come true!

Your absolutely right Justin, I'm so glad your able to see past it because i know some people cant. I used to be a bully in middle school, i remember me and all my friends would make fun of one boy that was in our class. I remember just thinking the jokes we came up with were funny and never really stopped to think that maybe he was really hurt by the things we said. Toward the end of middle school i guess i grew out of that immaturity and even ended up defending him against others.To this day i dont tolerate bullying at all and Im glad you got through it in the past and are rising above it now. Remember I'll always be cheering you on buddy!! :)

i was never bullied but my friend was and she never stood up for her self soo i did it for her i feel like if someone isnt strong enough to do it for them self quite yet a stronger person who is should do it for them i love her so id do anything to help her :D good blog xxx

Great story and I'm sorry for what you've been trough. Thank God I never bullied a person and stood up for some kids who've been through the same as you. Blessyou

I am sorry for what you had to go through. It must have been hard. Bullies is really small people who have low selfesteem so they need to pick on other to feel good - that is what I believe. It is beautiful being who you are. It is okay being different. I admire people who stay true to themselves no matter what other says about. Remember if people try to make you feel bad about yourself, you are beautiful as the person you are. Don't change a thing about yorself

I Was A Bullie In Elimentery School But By High School Most Kids Were Bigger Than Me So I Turned To Girls And Drugs. It Didn't Work Out So Well. I Ended Up In Coma 3 1/2 Months So Maybe That Was Carma?

that really sucks. i was bullied as a kid too. i still get bullied. but now i don't let it touch me. i just go on with my life as if those people didn't exist. its good that you are standing up for yourself. the more confidence you show the less people will try to bully you. be happy with you, no matter how different you are. thats what makes you special :)

I realized now that they had issues with their lives and well just like you I was an easy target too. It does do more emotional hurt than anything else. But you'll do fine in college!!!!!!! I'll be cheering for you! YEIIIIIIIIYYYYYYY!!!!!!! :D

Tht must really suck, Justin. You can never really get over memories like that. I am glad that you have people in your life to help you. Your the best Justine!!!

It is really difficult to face bullying Justin, but I am glad that you are finding the courage to fight your fears. Your right , lots of successful and famous people get bullied, I know about two of them Elvis presley and lady gaga, but look how famous they are now. I am sure that you will always be able to fight such people and I am always here to support you. Thanks for sharing this with EP.

:( bubby i'm so sorry you had to go through that I love you I will always have your back through everything your a amazing big brother.