Back In The Day

When I was a kid you were either one of the kids that got it, are dished it....
Sorry but it is what it is. 
We were poor and ours started early in life.
Parents never got involved back then, things were really different. kids didn't bring guns in to kill each other unheard of back in the day.
We had a couple of big girls in my class that ruled every one else, took it a while, but one day had enough and stomped her head after she hit the lockers hard enough to put her face imprint in it. I was beat on a regular basic what was this kid gonna do????
I realize we live in different times, but something has to give here, our grandkids are scared to go to go to school, oh I bite my lip not to say whoop that butt one good time, it worked in my day, but this is a different day.
I don't know but maybe we should let the kids, work it out sometimes, they are just little people we don't really have to think for em. And we really are the one that can't figure it out???/

mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
May 6, 2012