Only By My Dad

he's a type of bully... i never realized it till lately but yeah. that's what he is... sad. he's not abusive or anything as a rule. but he can be a jerk sometimes. and you better listen to him or else... hummmm maybe that's why i... nm
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

You have try to be assertive as you can about that, to gently but firmly insist that they stop doing it. But honestly, I have considered the idea of renting a mini-warehouse space just to be on the safe side, except that unfortunately, I am not too sure if I can even afford that at the moment!

Well, you're lucky! If I could start packing a few decent paychecks, I would get out, but I'm broke and out of work...

Hey Ligg, you're making me not feel so bad, you have company! It's hard to talk about this, but I too have a somewhat dysfunctional family. Although I am (gasp) over 50, I lately have had to move in with my folks due to a protracted period of unemployment. I am somewhat of a hoarder, and my father didn't like tons of things I had which he thought were dumb, so (I swear) he began sneaking into my room and throwing them out (including many things that were important to me)... He isn't a totally bad person, but seems to have mood swings, and when they are on the down side, he can do things like that.