In Middle School

im in middle school now and its my second year. Ever since the bullying ive felt very insecure about myself. At first two boys in my art class would make fun of me by saying how weird and ugly i was. They would trip me in the hallway and triend turning a lot of people against me. i told the teacher and she switched my seat. i thought it was all over until i moved to a different table. there was a really mean girl who physically hurt me she would kick me throw markers at me and she drew all over my art work. after class one day she slapped me across the face. she always called me mean names too. my mom found out while doing laundry after she gave me a note saying something really nasty. i told the teacher so she changed the people who sat around me. i ended up sitting with two boys who bother me they call me ugly a bith fat pregnant a **** etc. they made me feel so bad about myself i came out of class crying everday!! someone anonomuysly told the teacher and they asked me about it. i told the teacher everything and than the teacher and the dean had a firm talk and after that day they called me worse names. i got the courage to tell the teacher thry stopped after detention and suspension. today i am surronded with many loved friends dont let bullys hurt you if you are afraid to tell the teacher because they might continue i promis you that they will stop. never give up . you can get through it and you are beautiful just the way you are.
yolos yolos
May 11, 2012