Just last year in 8th grade I had tons of friends and no problems. Everything was so perfect. Now ever since I got into high school I get made fun of because I wear black clothes..now I'm automatically the "Emo girl". There's at least 4 or 5 girls and guys that shove me around and tell me how no one wants me there. I can't take it anymore. My grades are slipping because I can't concentrate anymore without being scared to go into the halls and whenever I come home with a black eye or bruises I have to tell my parents that I got into a fight because I don't want to tell them what really happens..I don't want them to be disappointed in me.. Last week a few kids locked me in the school's boiler room/ basement closet so I was locked in there until the janitor came in at 7. I used to be such a happy person and my life seemed perfect until this school year started. I think I'm going to do summer school. -.-
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And I didn't mean to say "summer school". I meant "home school."

i got bullied to in school. Before highschool i was a bit popular, then highschool came and everything went upside down. It was weird, i dont know why or how, it just happened. I had friends in one class , but the class i was with i'm sure everyone hated me, and a few guys loved cornering me and picking me of. You got to defend yourself. If you want to dress black thats your business. If they dont like it, it has nothing to do with them. You have to defend yourself. If its boys doing it then go to the teacher and tell them. Its either that or you spend the next few years in highschool being tortured. Things like this can effect you for the rest of your life, i've seen it with people. Dont let that happen to you. :)

I've tried defending myself before, but it's kinda hard when there's more than one person and a few of them are guys, you know?

Thanks. I'll look into it. And it's okay...I know they probably have a lot of problems themselves.

nice, you're showing compassion to your bullies. It takes a big person to have that.

:( may I recomend something to you+for you. Tae kwon do! Take some classes. You'll be able to fend off the attacks and administer a little hurt yourself back at the bullies... sorry you're feeling less than(you're not) ... quite the opposite... usually the ones who are spitting at you or name callling are threatened or struggling with their own demons. The fragile ego will protect itself sometimes very poorly. Pay attention here! You'll see the very same behavior ...