Not Going To Take It Today

im usually invisible and not the target of bullying but this ***** yesterday grrr im getting her back today. we were getting up to get off the bus at the school and some kids up front were being mean and not moving out of this other kids way so the bus driver told everyone to sit down. i just sat in the closest seat i wasn't picking or anything. and the girl, Caylea a bitchy *** eighth-grader, starts talking about me to the girl shes next to, then she starts like telling me to her out of her seat. she don't own the seat and we leave for the school in literally 30 seconds so im not moving. but i did not tell her off or anything or give her dirty looks. then she goes up to the bus driver and right in front of my face tells the bus driver to sterilize her seat. like are you kidding me. she is the meanest girl in the school but i never ever did any thing to her. shes a middle schooler and im a senior so i dont see her except on the bus but i will see her today and give her what she has coming, no one talks to me like that. think what you want about me its your opinion and i not telling you to like me, but you WILL NOT treat me like that and get away with it. I am not some infectious disease, o.k. I shower. i'll see her in 2hrs and i cant wait. im not gonna kill her but i will totally tell her off and knowing her she will have a comeback and if she doesn't stop i will hurt her.
SessyKinz SessyKinz
18-21, F
May 16, 2012