……ok, From The Beginning (a Quick Brief On My Life)

I was born across the sea and have travelled a lot with my family. We’ve been to a few different places to live as my father was forces. its been a good life all in all. Loved being in the pool, on the beach or just going for any kind of walk. It never mattered how long they we’re either, i would just go.
The troubles started after a few days at school and bullies got the better of me etc. Everywhere we moved to i got bullied. I guess i was just an easy target i suppose. Skinny, quiet and didn’t know anyone. I can see why. But to be honest after a while it got to me that much that i stopped wanting to go to school and thought up everything in the book to stop my parents from taking me.
In high school it was the same. Being attacked in the quiet corners on way to class or on way home. Sometimes i’d fake a bad back or play ill. I wrote a few notes from parents excusing me from P.E. and such other lessons as once i got outta maths for a fake dentist appt.
Now i look back and think that i should have stood up to them instead of running away and hiding. I know i should have sorted it out myself. As i got older i flipped at people bullying others a few times and now i’m even able to stick up for myself and my friends and don’t have a problem with bullies any more, other than the odd comment in the street from pathetic people.
I got Lucky.
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