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So... junior year I was exceedingly ecstatic for the next year because that meant I could get out of the hell-hole-of-a-high-school I was in. Football Homecoming was coming and it was time to vote. I heard from a friend at the time that the football team intended on making me Homecoming whatever and were going to do something to me in the middle of the game. Naturally, the fear of the unknown took over and I refused adamantly quite publicly. Thankfully, there was a tie between me and another girl. The boys of our grade were allowed to vote again. Apparently there was another tie and the teachers had the deciding vote. When I went in the morning for school, I went straight to the "accountant" for the winner and she said in a reluctant and somewhat sad tone that the other girl won by one vote. I rejoiced in front of her and she didn't look to understand why I was so happy. I left the classroom, thankful, letting nothing hurting me that day. A few years later, meeting back up with the friend who told me, he said that when the teachers heard I was in the running, they wanted so badly for me to win because I wasn't the typical girl to win Homecoming. It would show other girls that they could win. BULLSHIT! I was not about to sacrifice my sanity and trust of yet another school for the hope that not-so-typical girls would have a chance at Homecoming. Being traumatized earlier in life, I was not about to take that chance. Think what you will, but I will never go to a high school reunion, class get-together, or whatever. I paid my dues for high school. Now I'm done with it and don't intend on ever going back.
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as i tell my friends let these expeirences make you stronger!