Bullied And Alone

i am smart. i am not trying to seem full of myself, but it is true. i have always found school easy and i have only gotten a C once in my life in 4th grade social studies. i am the kid who always raises their hand and knows the answer. i help the teachers and tutor kids who have trouble. the kids call me teachers pet and make fun of me all the time. i have only a few real friends, and most go to different schools. to add to the fire i am overweight. i have been bullied since the 5th grade and i am in the end of 9th right now. i try to ignore what they say or the notes i get. i try to ignore the whispers and laughter in the halls but it is hard. people say words can't hurt you, but i think words can hurt more than fists sometimes. i think words can do more damage than fighting. my self-esteem is low and i have thought about killing myself. my brother at home is mean to me, i have two sisters who are the same way but they don't live with us right now. my brother is 5 years older than me and can be a real jerk. i have a bad wrist and sometimes when we fight he twists it to stop me from hitting him. it hurts a lo. he gets angry over almost everything, just like my dad. i feel alone because of the bullying and i can't talk to anyone. if i talk at school, it will only get worse, which i have experienced first hand. sometimes i feel like giving up and just try to disappear, but i can't be gone for long. i am starting to fall behind in school because i am depressed and i hate going. it seems like this will go on forever and i just want it to stop... 
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18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Get good grades, get good test scores, and get leadership positions and go to a GOOD COLLEGE. Go to an Ivy League or the equivalent, like Duke or Emory. Get a good job--be a doctor, lawyer, CEO, whatever you want. Make moolah. I assure you, the next thing you should do is tell them, "I WOULD like fries with that" when you see them working at McDonalds. Then poop in the bathroom and clog up the toilet. And leave trash at the table. Then drive off in your camaro and go back to your mansion on Society Hill with your husband and genius kids.