It's always during passing periods when bullies at school mess with me.
On Friday I was on my way to my 3rd period class (School ends at 10th) when 2 people grabbed me from behind. It was Skyler and her friend Damien. They opened the boiler room door and pushed me in. There were only about 10 stairs, so the fall didn't hurt too bad, but it still wasn't fun to say in the least. From the top of the stairs Skyler yelled something like "Have fun emo retard." and shut the door. I stayed down there for about 5 minutes to be sure they were gone. I went up to leave and the door was locked from the outside. I tried yelling for someone, but I'm guessing it's pretty soundproof because of the boilers. I was stuck in there until the janitor came to lock up at 5:30. I'm not asking for any sympathy, I just needed to let it out and tell someone.
AwkwardNinja AwkwardNinja
13-15, F
May 21, 2012