Bullies, I Can't Help It ,i Despise Them.

In my neighborhood as a child , i was considered by my family , both immediate and extended ,neighbors etc, as being a bright kid , with a taste for learning that exceeded that of my peers. Almost from the word "go", i became a target for bullies . From the first year of primary school ,to the second year of high school ,this was the case. Bullies come in different shapes sizes and guises , from among others that one does not know ,to the worst of all , those who pretend to be friends. There are those who are physical, verbal, emotional and mental bullies, and also those who participate due to fear of the "alpha" bully. The damage that these individuals inflict upon the education, well being , and aspirations of their victims ,is both varied and often undetected (until too late) ,and incalculable .For me ,it was a nightmare of physical torment , betrayal , and ridicule ,until i decided that enough was enough , and made a bloody and frightening example of one of them ,at school. The bullying at school stopped immediately , but the consequence of choosing the violent path would become far reaching, and terrifying for my family and other friends. Over time ,i gained a reputation for extreme reactions to anything that even remotely resembled bullying , and as a consequence ,was left alone in the physical sense. Perhaps the worst kind of bully ,is the one who calls him or herself "friend ",but who always seems to mock your aspirations , deliver insulting opinions regarding your choices , be they taste in music , clothing style, choice of partner ,or lack of ,etc,etc, or conjure up insulting nick-names for you that they would not tolerate themselves , or perhaps they may reaffirm there "friendship" to your face ,then denigrate you to others ,or even denigrate you in the presence of others . Whatever, ... i find it all to be gutless ,spiteful ,and though it is fashionable these days to feel pity for bullies , i simply cannot , i despise them ,for the hurt and damage that they cause , and i really cannot elucidate as to my remedy here. The strategy i use these days ,is to avoid loud, unpleasant, overbearing,ill mannered, and generally inconsiderate people, wherever possible, but IF one does not take the hint , ..... well ... thats another story.
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41-45, M
May 22, 2012