I Was Bullied

  I don't really want to write my real name.  So i will leave that bit out.  I am 14.   I have been bullied for my whole life because i look different.  Not like a disorder.  I have really curly hair, bad acne, and i'm black.  People walk buy and say things like, "Oh i like your hair, little on the frizzy side though" and laugh.  You probably don't think thats bad.  But it has been happening my whole life.  I am excluded from groups.  People don't want to work with me, or talk to me.  If they see i'm the only one waiting for something, they walk away.  This has happened my whole life.  I only listen to music about sadness because other songs make me feel ugly :(  i know thats stupid.  Also there is another boy in my class, he was adopted and has a few problems and i'm the only one who is nice to him.  If he talked people would tell him to shut up.  They just don't understand.  I'm actually crying writing this because it brings back bad memories.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

aww:( i was too when i started grade school up until middle school i was being teased about a medical condition i have when i was born and they talked about me behind my back about it and it really frustrated me to the point that i don't even like going to school anymore.