By My Best Friend

We were really great friends until my 8th grade year. She texted me a lot saying I was stupid, immature, and rude. She told my friends things I didn't do. This went on until the 9th grade. She got worse over time. She said she was going to fight me. One of my friends went on her side. They spread rumors about me. There was one they were going to spread about me. They were going to say that I do drugs. They also called me a bi*ch all of the time. The types of bulling they were doing is Verbal, Indirect, Emotional, and Cyber bullying. Now, it is all taken care of. But I still miss my best friend.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2012

the same thing hapend to me but we argued and I replied to his messages on the internet and it turned out bad and I had no friends in school so it took a while to find one

I am sorry to hear that. I now realize to not fight fire with fire. It just makes the fire bigger and gets worse.

Anyways man thanks becoming a fan and have you read my story

Its sad to hear that someone who was so close to you started doing this. I wouldn't be able to put up with all of that, I have to say you're quite brave for pulling through this. The thing that surprises me the most is that you actually miss her. If I may ask, why did she start doing this?

She was my friend for a very long time. She was like my sister. Well the week before that, my dog had died. She was everything to me. I was really depressed for that week and I didn't really talk to anybody. She never asked what was wrong and assumed I was mad at her. It just went down hill from there. That was in the 8th grade. In my 9th grade year, I finally told her about that week.