Since My 1º Grade

What can i do? I'm just tired for hearing insults everytime i go to school.
When i was at my 1º grade everyting started there because i am fat, and everyone knows that a fat and weak person it's the most cool target to hurt.
I just don't know why they actually feel good doing this. In my 2º grade, a mean girl put stole money in my bag, and acused me for something that i didn't do, in my 2º grade yeah. And after that they just insult me more. Now i am in 9 grade i change school, other people, other air, but same insults, i don't know what i did to them, i really don't know even why i hurt when they call me that stuff. They don't know my story, they don't know that my grandmother has cancer, I HATE THIS DISEASE, they don't know that i still suffer a lot with the death of my friend, that died with CANCER. They don't know anything, why they still calling me names? Do i deserve it? WHY?
rakitalol rakitalol
13-15, F
Jul 16, 2012