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Raped By The Bully


Now I will just say that I am a guy and that this did happen and still remember it I had just turned 14 over the Easter holiday and I had been working hard at school, although a bully called Michael was a constant bully he had bullied me since I was 9. this particular day though was a Friday and that meant the weekend was shortly coming up, my lesson had just started and I was slightly late and was running to the classroom I then ran into Michael, Michael told me to meet him in 20 minutes in the girls toilets and if I didn’t I was going to regret it. I knew that he was serious and he had done this before, so I waited until it was 20 past and I made my excuse to go to the loo. I wandered down to the main building and headed to the girls room he was there waiting for me with a bag. He put a sign on the door to the girls loo which said “TOILET OUT OF USE” he locked the door with the key he must have taken from the care takers house on the school-grounds. He pushed me into the cubical switch the vacant to engaged sign and took out this weird thing it looked exactly like an elephant trunk. He tried to pull my trousers down but I kept them up but he then forced them down and put his foot on it so I couldn’t pull them up. He pulled his down and told me to suck him I was shocked he grabbed my head and forced me down and told me to open “I will kill you if you don‘t accept” I felt I had little choice, so against my wishes I opened up to my future of being a victim. He allowed me to suck gently but as the seconds went by he got impatient and put his hands on my head and forced me to take more of his ****. It was massive for his size at least 7 inches being forced into me unwillingly, he then proceeded to make me gag and not be able to breathe as he forced his what he called ***** down my throat, I was coughing and struggling to breathe but he didn’t care he told me to swallow, I did I shivered thinking about what had just happened. He grabbed his bag and took out a pair of handcuffs, he ordered me to kneel on the seat of the toilet and he put my hand in them put it round the toilet pipe and put my other hand in my hands were now tied and no matter how hard I pulled I wasn’t going anywhere he then started to play with my ***, I asked him what he was going to do he told me to shut up and then got duct tape and placed it over my mouth and then tied my ankles to the base of the toilet to prevent kicking. He spat on his finger and circled my hole I felt him then press the finger into me I tried to scream but the duct tape strongly held my lips closed. I was wiggling away trying to get out of this situation but I only looked at the handcuffs and remembered that it was pointless. He finished using his finger and pulled it out he then got his penis rubbed it until it became hard and pushed it into me without even using a condom he then got his phone and started recording my ordeal, he ****** me on the toilet and I was completely helpless, moaning into the duct tape he grabbed me and ****** me so hard I was being split in 2 every time it was reinserted, he shot another load into me making scream in relief but then came the elephant trunk he told me to sit on it he got the tip which was slightly bulged, he forced me down but then I heard a pop and it was in, “Bounce on it!” I got as far down on it as possible but my hole wasn’t big in fact it was tiny he was still recording on his phone as he zoomed in on my face and the hell it was causing me, “Show that elephant who’s boss you *****!” then grabbing my shoulders and pushed me down onto it “No, please” I begged “anything else please, take my money just don’t do this.” He forced me down until I reached the base of the trunk, I couldn’t believe it I should have split in 2 by now, why wasn’t I? Michael started filming again on his phone until I this feeling come over me something powerful. In all I spent 15 minutes in the loo and sadly we weren’t caught I had to tell someone but who Michael had done stuff before, he had never done stuff like this but he had been picking on me, verbal abuse, bullying and now this was a new chapter. Since then the bully hasn’t bullied me but sex was always in his mind and I was his little **** toy and I didn't enjoy getting my little hole pushed wider and deeper, that was until he left which was about a year later. I told my girlfriend about this once we left school and I was supported by her. I had counselling but inside I had been introduced to anal play.
AlphaMale19 AlphaMale19 22-25, M 1 Response Aug 6, 2012

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oh god :( this is so sad, if you ever want to talk about anything i am here for you.

Thank you, I will