Blind Lead The Blind

The worst thing about bullying is it affects you long after. It perpetuates because it destroys your ability to trust others and to believe in yourself. I feel it is a weak character that can only pump themselves up by putting others down but I guess I lack the drive of competitiveness that others feel so strongly.
I have always thought the best of human nature is in protecting those who are vulnerable.
As social dynamics progress though school and into the workplace I see people become better at justifying their own egocentric views and identifying your weaknesses only relative to their own perceived strengths. What happened to basic respect and appreciation of diversity? Only the individual can change their own prejudicial and ignorant nature, providing they recognize their need for power over others is based on their own insecurities.
In nature most of life is regulated by negative feedback pathways. It stops things from being created that are not good for efficiency, environmental conditions or might threaten the functionality of the organism. Social nature is not different, especially when considering the theory of emergence. But there is a huge difference between the multifaceted values of altruism - what is good for society - and the individuals view.

I think all people have been shaped by others trying to make them feel bad about the way they are.

How can we care about being on the same page when we have all become blind anyway and can't read what's being written!?

EmmaRna EmmaRna
1 Response Sep 5, 2012

I'm having a difficult time responding. I want to respond though, if only to say, I have experienced this too. I am at heart a kind caring person, and this was taken advantage of by a ruthless bully at work for six years. Now, I have some anger issues that I am having difficulties with, as well as anxiety. What can be done? For me, distance from the bully and try to overcome mentally is my current challenge.