I Was Bulled.

I had a lot of problems, one I didn't talk. I was bullied because of this.I don't know why, maybe they thought I was stupid or something? My friends always had to stick up for me.
It was horrible. They always insulted me and stuff. They even started a nasty rumor in grade school. It wasn't just boys, but girls too, preppy girls who picked on me. Even some upperclassman. Like once in 8th grade I remember being in Art and the bell had just rung, my friend wasn't there that day so these upperclassman used it to their advantage. They walked up to me and laughed saying, "Do you even know what year it is?" That was the meanest thing ever. When I got in high school most of the bullies had become adults and stopped picking on me and even became my friends. Expect one guy. Who kept throwing insults at me. He's currently in jail for slashing up an innocent dog. Being bullied made me very depressed over the years, I even had thoughts of killing myself. But now I'm okay and would never kill myself :)
RiuChan RiuChan
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

that is realy sad what people say to you.i have been bullied too it sucks ever want to talk just message me :)