Bullies Get There Power From Us

bullies pick on the kids they know will do nothing i have learned over the years
if you watch the group and they are always with a group you will see the leader
yes you mya get hit you may get hurt but just think of how good it will feel as your knee comes stright up between there legs and the double over and you bring that knee up again into there face

you take the leder out the rest will thing twice and you will begain to take there stick of power away

they system has to have bullies i am sorry to say

webecame the bulliest in our school but we made it very clear to others you play in your group but you leave our friends alone and if some one ask you to back off do it or we come after you

and we did have a few bad fight the first part of high school in those first few months but after that school was great till grade 12 and shool grew but over 400 % but even the new want to be bullies left us alone and kept a low profile for the next 2 years as our group left school and other to other things
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Very true i like this..