I was bullied all throughout school for things I couldn't help, and it used to **** me off, which is why I occasionally got into fights in school. I was bullied for wearing glasses, being a bookworm (It's really friggin' annoying to have to pick your books out of the trashcan...!!) for having big feet, and other things, which I don't care to remember. I used to get fighting mad, like I said, and instead of the teachers or principal understanding that I was getting bullied, and trying to stand up for myself, I would get ISS, or once in a blue moon, suspended from school. I guess that's why most of my memories involving school were not the best.
  I think the bullying has left me with some issues, and I'm just now realizing what they are. Now I'm one of the pretty girls (and I only know because everyone else says so), seen as even prettier because I wear glasses, and am smart because of the reading I did. As you can imagine, this creates conflict when people tell me I'm pretty, and has made me somewhat reluctant to show off my brains. Being bullied s*cked, and now I've decided to do something, to stand up against bullying. For too long I've tried to forget that I was bullied, but that time is passed. There are others, like Lizzie Velazquez, who very few people will ever say is "pretty," (and I think she's beautiful), for who the bullying will ever truely stop. I wish people wouldn't tell me I was pretty, or attractive, and really consider girls like Lizzie, who need to hear those things more than I'll ever need to. She can't help what she's bullied for, and it p*sses me off!
    I'm lucky though, because a few bullies of mine have apologized to me, and since I was raised to be the bigger person, I forgave them. One of them, Hec, came up to me in K-Mart one day a few years back, and practically begged me to forgive him for being such an *sshole to me, that I should've never been treated like that. Hec had been my biggest bully, and for him to apologize so profusely threw me for a loop. After I told him it was water under the bridge, he hugged me hard, and I could feel him shaking with reliefe. Then, he did something that really surprised me, he stuck out his hand, and just as if we'd never met, introduced himself again. I wish it was like that for everyone who has been bullied, but it's not. Maybe I can help change things. I'll never know though, unless I try.
Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
31-35, F
Sep 20, 2012