Silent Bullying

My friends like to "silent bully" me or have "secret sarcasm" it's like we know it within us but we don't say it out loud. This is a type of bullying that hurts a lot. It's like if u want to say it out loud for them to stop,others will think ur being bullied and they will feel "happy" that there is someone who is suffering although they look pitiful for u on te outside. Like seriously,I hate it
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Hey, I'm Chioma. I know my username says "Okwukwe," but that just means "Faith" in my language. I read your story and I totally know what you're getting at. I'm sorry you had to go through this. It must be really painful. I know my words mean nothing, but I really mean them. Honestly I don't think that you should continue to go on with this because it's not right. If you feel this way, why don't you confront them? I know that can start some problems, but at least you get to speak your mind. It's not right that your so called "friends" are making you feel this way. They're supposed to be supporting you not hurting your feelings. It's really up to you to make the decision on whether you want to stay with them and go on with it or just confront them about the situation and if it turns out bad, who cares? You find your real friends and be happy and not insecure. I hope and wish for nothing, but the best because you totally deserve it. Love From A Stranger :)

well if you dont like that you should stop doing it. There are no reazons to do it . I mean you are hurting your friends and yourself. You and your friends should look for a better way to tell each other what they think or feel.

._. That's the exact problem,u don't stop doin it. I mean I'm not doing anything!._.
Nvm :|

no you wont be sad im sure you'll be a very succesfull person u wanna be a friend i live in sumerfield florida i go to belleview highschool and my facebook name is oscar lopez

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